Welcome to our school!

We offer experienced, affordable instruction and a flexible schedule for adults and children, beginning at the age of 4. We have no contracts at our school. We offer a flexible schedule with open classes and rank level classes for ages 7 and up. Our school has been in business for over 50 years.

At our school, students have the opportunity to learn discipline, build confidence, improve physical fitness, and form lifelong friendships.

Students also have the opportunity to compete in tae kwon do competitions locally, statewide, and nationally. All students are encouraged to work hard to reach their full potential.

Our school is very active in the community. Each year we hold a kick-a-thon fundraiser to benefit St. Jude Children's Hospital. We have raised over $21,000 for the cause.

Through the Gonsalves Tae Kwon Do Scholarship Fund, we award scholarships to graduating seniors to help the recipients continue their education.

Our school also holds and participates in various other events throughout the year including: demonstrations, a friends and family picnic, marching in local parades, car washes, a Christmas food drive and many other events.