Adult Class

We offer an adults only class. The class is open to men and women age 18 and up. Students work to improve their physical fitness while learning the martial art of tae kwon do. Everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace in a comfortable class setting

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Special Topics Class

Rotating Monthly Topic

Different times of the year, this class will tailor its topics to things students would like to work on, more so than they usually do in regular classes. Other special classes include a Board Breaking Class, Sparring Class, Self Defense Class, Advanced Kicking Class, Tournament Preparation, Testing Preparation and more!

    Private Lessons

    Private lessons give students the opportunity to work with the instructor on a one-on-one basis. Students can choose to work on techniques that they enjoy. Private lessons also give students the opportunity to review and have extra practice before a rank advancement or a tournament.

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      Open Classes

      Open Classes allow students of various ages and rank to practice together with a flexible class schedule. Lower ranking students learn from the example set by higher ranking students. Higher ranking students also learn to assist in teaching classes. Students can select from four open classes each week to combine with their assigned Belt Level Class

      Lil Tigers

      Children ages 4-6

      Children learn basic techniques of tae kwon do while learning discipline and preparing to move into our regular classes. This class is taught by both Master Ross and Master Aimee, as well as some of our higher ranking students assisting. For half of the class, students will learn blocks, strikes, and kicks. For the second half of the class, they will do a fun activity, such as breaking a rebreakable board or running and jumping, while learning how to stay in line and take turns.

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      Women's Self Defense

      Women's Self Defense Classes are available at our school. Upon request, we will conduct special Women's Self Defense seminars. If you run a local group, are members of a club, or are just a group of friends who would like to learn self defense, call or email us for more information.

      Women's Self Defense is an issue that is of great importance to all women living in today's modern world. By making the decision to learn self defense, a woman is taking a step in the right direction in being in control of her own life and safety. Learning self defense also improves confidence, awareness, self assurance, physical fitness, and many more aspects of one's life.

      Master Aimee Racine is the primary instructor of the Women's Self Defense program. She has experience running self defense seminars, teaching weekly tae kwon do classes for women, and speaking about the importance of women's self defense in today's society.

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        Belt Level Classes

        Belt Level Classes are set up to allow students to practice particular techniques geared towards their rank level. Students that are of a similar knowledge level practice and improve together. Each student has one assigned rank level classes per week., and should attend class every week. Classes generally begin with stretching and warm up. Students then practice blocking, striking, and kicking techniques, with the level of difficulty of technique geared toward each student's ability. Students will then practice traditional Taegeuk forms. During the middle section of the class, topics covered include self-defense techniques, one-step punching techniques, kicking techniques on targets or a heavy bag, and various other techniques. Classes end with sparring.

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